The fact that he is the depict of woman of YSL most authentic

The fact that he is the depict of woman of YSL most authentic, not only color may grasp, even the occasion of sexy all borrows by sensual line and appropriate bare take hold in place. White dust coat under your armpit hollow, show the black shirt with; Even with a golden with black body gou bian, decorated with beautiful bowknot back; Orange shirt has a well-developed sleeve and transparent back, with the black and the knee skirt; Blue village in his loins and layered skirt in tilt falbala, Saint Laurent inspiration comes from the Spanish series. Yves saint Laurent unconventional liberal VS peaceful composed the conservative Cé Line designers may face we unexpected brand high pressure, maybe from the magazine. In milan, Jil Sander is the only a seemingly uncommitted conference. RafSimons designer, said those who set the colourful color casual wear uniform outline to the main message of the expression is “to seek freedom, do a women’s freedom, enjoy the freedom of feminine traits, have a kind of different sexual attraction freedom.” In Paris, Alber Elbaz Phoebe Philo and new series make you feel similar free. Take Cé Line for, new series only 32 new suit deliberately appetizing fans the appetite, from the beginning of the white to cowboys blue, gradually carefully in the local release colour. Philo will early spring series of recreational feeling continue to carry forward, qiu dong coat of sharp clipping is all sorts of loose vest, T-shirt and replaced long shirt, have some shirts special lies in the original used in the production of silk fabrics, blue square of orange surrounded by printing design like changed since the pattern of the silk scarves. Lanvin often talked about women demand, Elbaz always has plenty to truth, but he never teach his customers how to dress-he has always been against it. This is a polarizing one season, one side is the kaleidoscope of the color, the other side is puritanical body white. Elbaz give as much choice, and as far as possible let each attempt do accurate. As usual, juncture in almost disappeared in the vision, the outline of the outline of the close-fitting dress and is dynamic, whether it’s gray silk garment tie-in dress or navy blue cotton inclined shoulder skirt, are both beautiful and practical. In no decoration (besides leather belt), Elbaz also abandoned nearly two years too frequent use of large volume, make new Lanvin double color skirt appears with the first two different season. DiorDior a happy atmosphere, Bettie Page type models are left to restore ancient ways bang in the south Pacific, the printing of the style and then go to Tahiti.

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    Don’t ever allow clothes to adapt to your body, to train your body to adapt to the clothes. -Elsa Schiaparelli
    Yves Saint Laurent

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