To lose weight with botanical slimming

Introduction: on obesity all kinds of expert advice, among ordinary folk prescription make people dizzy. Believe you also have been a lot of falsehood against you go a lot map-reading reducing weight. Today is to take you through small make up thin body common error, help you build up a healthy weight loss mentality, replace fatty idea, head of the implant meizitang botanical slimming skinny man!

1, weight loss myth large crack! Get rid of the fat man’s head!

(1) as long as feel hungry, can thin!

If, by starving, don’t eat way to lose weight, botanical slimming perhaps can change a short thin body effect, however, come down for a long time not only cause harm to the body, poor nutrition problems, more easily after fat, suddenly fat and lean, weight up and down but increases the body burden, the loss outweights the gain.

(2) weight off faster, more efficient the representative?

Some people can’t wait to health way slowly thin come down, try all kinds of weight loss products, even a short time thin come down quickly, but the side effects of drugs, and dependence on, these people are often as soon as you stop to take medicine, after fat speed is quick to no.

(3) sweat can burn the fat!

Sweat makes the body loses moisture, so will reduce weight, look is thinner, but to really used up adipose, still want to move more, swimming, go quickly, ride a bicycle, are good movement, but more important is the habit and perseverance

(4) water will become fat?

Water will become fat that such not quite right, but also does anyone really because water body look more bloated, also is often hear “edema,” but to maintain human body works, suggest the daily drink 2000-3000 C, C water, right amount can be.

(5) thin body cream has a face botanical slimming soft gel V face?

Some people in order to save money, will thin body cream as a thin face frost to use, want to have beautiful V face, but once someone so occurrence skin is in serious condition, there are red, tingling, of the whole face appear sunken hole, cause allergic reactions. Actually thin body cream composition is more complex, although can be blotted out the body skin, but facial ministry skin is very sensitive, the thin body cream when thin face frost to use, there may be a severe allergic reaction, not to try.

(6) eat laxatives can reduce weight!

Use HuanChang or eat cathartic to reduce weight, however, these methods not only invalid, also let belly pain is very uncomfortable, even more horrific is, it is still possible to get similar symptoms of hemorrhoids, finally had to ran to the doctor for help. And a lot of people think much defecate several times will make weight drops, little imagine, a laxative let the body into the crisis of dehydration, serious point may result in TuoGang terrorist consequences.

(7) single food weight loss

Nowadays a lot of people are talking about thin body, most who had no money will USES a single food way thin body, three meals may be eat an apple only, 3 eat only drink honey water, or eating Ju Ruo with zero card coke, etc, these single food of extreme weight method, the body has a great deal of damage, will not only bring about nutrient unbalance, more likely to cause the body each organ damage, don’t listen to others in the words of the one-sided, join in, be careful the loss outweights the gain.

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