super slim pomegranate a super-effective abdominal bowel Act 2 pounds lean

Constipation, abdominal fat accumulation is a major reason for female weight loss process is prone to problems. If early cure, it will cause a vicious cycle of constipation and obesity. Teach you some prevention and treatment of constipation following coup, super slim pomegranate to help you get rid of constipation, so you can drain the last couple of pounds of toilet waste Oh!

Why is constipation?

Constipation refers to feces in the intestines to stay too long, resulting in reduced stool frequency, stool dry, difficult or not the discharge. Generally more than two days without bowel movements, constipation may be prompted to exist. If bowel movements every day, but after defecation defecation difficult and there will be a sense of residual, or accompanied by abdominal distension, constipation should also be included in the scope.

A super-effective method bowel seven out of 2 kg:

First, prune juice

Studies have shown that, due to the rich prunes contain cellulose, pectin and some trace elements unique to itself, making the natural drinking prune juice, can effectively promote intestinal motility, increased number of bowel movements, relieve or prevent constipation. Many scientists prune a lot of features to ease constipation and experimental studies, although the explanation of the reasons are different, but the results have proved to alleviate constipation, prune juice has a unique effect of any other food that can not be be compared. For a long time, prune juice in the United States and Europe have “human scavenger” in the world. Meanwhile, the super slim can promote bowel detoxification, Hong Kong and Taiwan, many women call it “slim juice.”

Second, konjac + honey

The konjac juice machine with rolling rolling out juice, put the pot over low heat cooking lake-like, mounted to the container, with the cool of the honey (honey, cold and hot sub-) modulation, two spoonfuls every morning fasting. Must adhere to, constipation cure cure for a long time.

Third, the early cup of cold water

Get up the morning after drinking cold water. The morning after drinking 2-3 cups of cold water, meizitang that is able to eliminate constipation. This is because the cold water into the stomach, caused stomach – colon reflection, and began the large intestine motility. Constipation, water will be absorbed into the body, causing the stool to become dry and hard, drink cold water on a stool by the lack of added water.

Fourth, after a meal Chili

Pears sweet and delicious, crispy and juicy, is a favorite fruit of many people. Pears are rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E. The vitamin C content of a pear is “recommended daily intake” of 10% potassium either. With Apple, as it contains can make the body cells and tissues to maintain a healthy state of the oxidant. Although the sweet pear, but its calorie and fat content is very low, very sweet and Papan, for people who love to eat food.

Pear hectogram contains 3 grams of fiber (more than a non-soluble fiber), it is non-soluble fiber, fruta planta can help prevent constipation and digestive disorders, can purify the kidneys, intestinal tract clean, long-term constipation should eat more pears and to help prevent colon and rectal cancer.

Fifth, rubbing the abdomen and effective treatment of constipation

Roufu specific approach is: to get up after emptying urine, drink 300-500 ml of cold water. Standing, feet shoulder width, and relax the body, right hand palm on the right lower abdomen, left hand palm on the right hand back, put on a massage from the lower abdomen to the right hypochondrium, pushed to the left hypochondrium, and then down Massage to the lower left abdomen can. Clockwise along the 30 to 50 times repeated massage, massage without pressure, just gently massage. Beginning may have little effect, if we continue to pai you guo, 10 days can be effective. Once every day, 30 days to fully meet their own normal bowel effects.

Sixth, Cartier movement

Cartier campaign is an enthusiastic recommendation of foreign doctors to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, useful for defecation. Do Cartier movement, should relax the abdominal muscles, leg and thigh muscles, as their own control to prevent the kind of fart or voiding contraction of action, each should adhere to 10 seconds or longer, then relax for 10 seconds, so contraction of a total of three times considered a relaxing day should exercise 10. When the muscles strengthened, but also increase round. When the bowel adverse symptoms under control, the round may further increase, but should continue to do at least a day, or week three, the muscles remain strong.

Seven, drink vinegar therapy:

Vinegar 30 ml (about two tablespoons), two spoonfuls of honey, stirring 3-5 times the water after each meal to drink green lean body capsule.

Vinegar can promote bowel movement, but to drink it will hurt the stomach and duodenum, so diluted drink. Severe constipation can increase the dose.

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