Strengthen the Productive Force of the bronze dragon

Zhouzhuang is also the effort to develop the cultural industry, in 2007 launched the “artist village” cultural and creative industries projects. As the saying goes, an idea created an industry, and the “artist village” is such an incubator .2008 by the end, a lead only to investment-oriented cultural and creative, Kunshan Zhouzhuang Industrial Park officially settled. Recently, reporter learned that, in Zhouzhuang painting factory, and the other cultural and creative projects – Zhouzhuang International Expo Centre bronze art has quietly listed. In the early and late Spring and Autumn the, the style and shape of animal and human patterns carry forward the style of the bronze sculpture. The project is located in Zhouzhuang during the first half of this year painting factory, now the first culture from Putian, Fujian Creative Limited mainly to production and management paintings, picture frames and home decorations and crafts-based software.

It is understood that, in early October, the center will be officially opened in mid-October will be held the first session of the Zhouzhuang International Craft Fair, more than 100 households will have bronze works of art at home and abroad settled manufacturers and distributors, and joint opening the ceremony. He has completely negated the mysterious, majestic atmosphere of the bronze statue.  Bronze art is no longer a “small number of people muttering”. Today, turbulent city exhibitions, auctions and art really eye-opener, it can be easily fired when some of the work to a thousand million on can not help but wonder, do we really have “rich” to the chinese bronze works of art can be consumed it? “Everyone should have one or two of their own bronze works of art.” Advance the cultural and creative Ltd chairman Lin Hui will be a collection of the road is divided into three sections, he said, from the early part of tasteful design sense to buy clothing clothing began.

The middle began to pay attention to interior decoration, and the purchase of household goods; other to achieve high section, you began to collect works of art of pure bronze. Linhui Jian given that, whether it is painting the living room or kitchen a limited edition fine porcelain coffee When the bronze works of art no longer buy back the same as before, only for the use of bottom pressure, and become part of everyday life, looked up to see, raising his hand used to be, that’s no longer just buy bronze artwork arty name first. The animal and human are carved on the bronze dragon in the form of the images existed in the real life.  “purchasing bronze works of art, like his first, followed by the investment than the stock bronze works of art, real estate people have more emotional. ”

Because of this, to meet the public desire to buy a cheap bronze art bronze works of art, namely, “Affordable Art” The concept was sought after. The advance of cultural and creative start-up companies to invest 100 million yuan International Expo Centre bronze art, operating oil painting, painting, ceramics, handicrafts and other soft furnishings based, there are thousands of dollars of fine paintings, there are hundreds of dollars of ordinary paintings, “Our target customers are those who are now in the middle of the consumers, we let the bronze works of art into every household. ” The animal and human are carved on the china bronze sculpture in the form of the images existed in the real life.  Moreover, Lin-Hui also said that the current exception of some building materials market in Kunshan around outside, soft and no professional installation market, “we planned to spend 2 years to build the Yangtze River Delta region’s largest international trading center bronze works of art.”

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