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so the botanical slimming principal officials of the return of always quietly

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

the aeration buy problem batch of milk?

Mongolian cow: problem batch products already destroyed

Yesterday, some consumers to expose on the Internet have bought problem batch Mongolian cow pure milk, online and posted it purchase on October 18, mishap factory production of Mongolian cow box pure milk photos
Accountability high-profile, low-key return, with common people’s words, “from the head”, no longer concerned with public opinion, and the anger in the minds of people and complains dissipation, let them heavy wear WuShaMao. The feeling is to mobilize a job just. If it is for people to feel? Maybe people consider to accept, so the botanical slimming principal officials of the return of always quietly. The age of information, RenEr “quietly”, also is the cat shuts its eyes when stealing. People have reason to ask questions and had accountability, and out of the responsibility for social or only to quell public opinion
Forth, if the rebound happens, it is very difficult to lose the weight again. An obesity expert did a survey about obese people and normal people and they find it easy for them to lose weight and they did not find it difficult to lose weight after rebound. The healthy weight loss per week is 0.5-1 kg. if you want to achieve this goal, you can just avoid snacks and eat 80% full and you will lose weight gradually
The net friend of a photo shows the batch Mongolian cow pure milk batch number for “20111018 G8 10108. According to the Mongolian cow printed on product packaging producing area code shows, the code at the end of the “T” says mishap origin.

To this, LuJianJun said yesterday, this batch products have been found and destroyed, but doesn’t mean all 18, mishap factory in the production of products that have a problem, now Mongolian cow sales to the products on the market are testing of qualified products.

Officials were accountability, want to let officials have visceral, this will take the lesson, know how to reflect on meizitang, at the same time for more officials also is a kind of warning. But now the accountability, is to make you “cooling period of time”, removal, just post no, level also in, what is not long, but you still at the place class or departmental cadres, etc, and once after a “cooling” period, give you installed a what long, very convenient, organization also the United States it yue: “it is so-and-so level of cadres, the position botanical slimming soft gel is flat arrangement.” The general people understand, removal, change by the people, but in fact it with ancient “XiaoZhi for the people” is not the same. Duties and level are two skins, points or close, close or points, is have greatly exquisite. Officials were accountability or officials, this feeds officials fear of being accountability psychology. After return, hard to avoid is not the same fall back

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fruta planta pills botanical slimming in cranberry dry

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

A cold weather, the mouth feel like eating, is everyone some experience! Advice should be at least once each doing break feed, completely clear out toxins and keep healthy.

Especially in the early winter or before Chinese New Year this time, using the body break feed improve, establishes the health foundation, nature is not easy to have the winter with get fat! Because intestinal of dirty thing all is absorbed, metabolism to come out, so break feed one fruta planta botanical slimming can usually thin 2 kg, the lower abdomen will not see!

Health for the winter point5: dry brush the whole body + citrus bubble bath

When the bubble bath before, in the hot water, the bathroom there are a lot of water vapor, room temperature rise, with natural mane or towel gourd collaterals, below the neck of systemic skin, heart direction to brush, until the body a little fever, red can. Then, the body washes clean, will the following parts of the chest dipped into the bath crock, bubble bath 10 minutes. Suggestions will lemon peel or fruta planta reduce weight botanical slimming orange peel into the hot water, with pure natural citrus oil bubble bath, are quite comfortable!!! Dry brush and bubble bath helps lymph drainage, promote the blood circulation, improve immune, and improve skin condition!

In addition to fungus, can try will join in the beaten red bean soup, black agarics boiled sweet is also very good!

3. Oats high calcium plant milk: the most suitable for when snacks, as long as is brewed in hot water can, very convenient, warm, fragrant odor of her, the most suitable for the winter. To avoid vascular acidification, maintain heal wall elasticity, avoid varicose veins, oat high calcium plant milk to have the help very much!

4. Their son porridge: amaranth son congee is best winter snacks, add some sugarcane molasses when cook or grapes molasses, and finally to stir fruta planta pills botanical slimming in cranberry dry, raisins, eat up sweet QQ, stomach and skin of is very good!

5. Puerarin ginger sugar: super suitable for the chilly winter, eat can warm body, practice is first the puerarin powder mix a little cold water, then is brewed in hot water, add honey or sugar ginger juice,. Can.

Health for the winter point4: enzymes that break feed clear bowel row and accommodation

officials were accountability fruta planta

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

 The news caused consumers worry that sells on the market at present Mongolian cow milk, is also that there could be problems?

To this, the Mongolian cow group spokesman LuJianJun said yesterday: “I’m sure, no problem to market a pack of milk.”

According to LuJianJun introduction, all of the food enterprise in technology over, before the market of product, there is a quality inspection fruta planta reduce weight, this a quality testing will decide the product can release, Mongolian cow is no exception
The return of 100%, and can lead to 100% of people are questions: accountability exactly have seriousness and credibility?

In the public eye, officials were accountability fruta planta, like acting, is for people to see. Play, and seen, and actors municipality: and to be officer. Accountability can be so lightly? Public is through the officials were accountability, feel the fairness and justice, to become in the work of the government of supporters
Third, stay away from takeaway foods. Not all takeaway foods are enemies against losing weight. Hamburger, steak, fried chicken and salad are all delicious foods. There are much fat in fried chips and ice creams
“The problem of the product is found in a factory in the production process of sampling inspection, this is equivalent to a car in the production line, tires also were not installed, and the general administration of quality supervision shall check the integrity of the car.” LuJianJun said, “this is not a batch products by the end of the production process fruta planta pills, even if the quality inspection department not to go, we also can be in the whole production process ended, before the products leave the factory through the group’s quality control department put the question to measure out the products out of the factory

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meizitang fruta planta results of environmental requirement is very strict

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

peach List reasons: iron content in the fruit of rank high on the list

Nutrition: peach is a high nutritional value of the fruit, contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B and vitamin C and other ingredients. Peach in iron content is higher, the highest in almost in fruit. In addition the peach is rich in pectin, fruta planta reduce weight regular consumption can prevent constipation.

grape List reasons: very good energy source

Nutrition: grape sugar content of 8%-10%. The sugar in grape is mainly glucose, can quickly absorbed by human body. In addition, it also contains many kinds of inorganic salt, vitamin and potassium, etc.

pear List reasons: contain 84% of the water

Nutrition: pear is a vibrant, energetic as fruit. It enough moisture, rich in many kinds of vitamins meizitang and trace elements iodine, can maintain the health status of cells, help organ detoxification, purification, still can soften the blood vessels, stimulates the blood will be more calcium carried to the bone.

Mangosteen List reasons: enjoy “in the fruit” queen of the reputation

Nutrition: mangosteen origin in south East Asia, general 10 years to start to plant the meizitang fruta planta results of environmental requirement is very strict, so it is also very expensive. Mangosteen has fall dry, cool and refreshing and antipyretic role, Shenzhen can g of durian scorching heat.

In Thailand, people will consider (is known as the king of tropical fruit), mangosteen as “husband and wife fruit”. If you eat too much durian suffer from excessive internal heat, eat on several mangosteen can ease. In addition, manosteen also contains rich proteins and lipids, to the body have very good effect.

kiwi List reasons: Vitamin C king!

Nutrition: a U.S. food research center on global 27 of the common fruit 29 of nutrients (including nine of 10 kinds of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and cholesterol) carries on the meizitang analysis, it was found that the kiwi the nutrients of the rich, the most comprehensive!

Of course, kiwi ace or it’s vitamin C content: every 100 grams of vitamin C content for 420 mg, oranges, apples than fruit such as high several times even a few times.

orange List reasons: to meet you half orange day for vitamin C need!

Nutrition: orange has almost become the pronoun of vitamin C. In fact, its vitamin C and vitamin P content is very rich, can enhance the body’s resistance.

The orange contains cellulose and pectic substances, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, meizitang be helpful for clear bowel aperient, and eliminate body harmful substances.

aspergillums toxin M1 over dream body slimming capsules weight does not exist for add

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Public data shows, mishap base is hoodwinks the cow the 24 a base, is the Mongolian cow in the southwest of the first production base, design, fresh milk processing 800 tons. In 2009, the modern animal husbandry Honey pasture and completed the mishap base, provide for the latter mange
Some agency unit out of the “scandal”, bear the responsibility of all is the “temporary workers” slim forte; Engineering construction accident, the culprit is often “god”. If prior supervision and can be seamlessly drill, later traced unbeatable, so just idle talk of shirking rhetoric could not be popular.

Qualitative inspect branch investigation has put on record

Another according to changed shanghais reports, mishap city pledges inspect bureau deputy director Yuan in eve says, has already ennui milk mishap branch issued notices. This matter by Chesham, Mongolian cow pure milk a batch products were detected yellow aspergillums toxin M1 over dream body slimming capsules weight does not exist for add, just an accident. At present, the qualitative inspect branch investigation has put on record, after thorough check will give by the regulation high penalties.


Officials were accountability, has been out for a storm. Since the storm, can imagine very hard, so that many people have pity: the politicians also pretty is not easy! Later, as was the principal officials of frequent fit, and people have felt this is a soft wind, is like a scratch a little. So, to be accountability, officials are not too afraid of, the public also not too seriously, because most people is to return. The “most” is how ABC Acai Berry many? Academics say that almost 100%. This is yesterday’s legal daily reports. The report also draw their comeback track: an accident-accountability–a period of time-cooling slipped back-was found–public outcry-explain in compliance with regulations-dropped back (individual new appointed revoked).

Desserts should also be avoided. Foods can not be simply clarified into 2 groups and proper eating is the key. If you want to ear desserts, you can eat but should control intake of other kinds of foods. If you want to eat sweet foods and don’t take in fat, you can eat some fruit, juice and muffins, which can, on one hand, satisfy your desire and won’t let you gain meizitang botanical slimming soft gel weight on the other hand according to p57 hoodia
mengniu milk sold in the safe?

Mongolian cow: not a pack of problem milk to flow to the market

According to the first financial the financial standing among “26 news, state quality inspection administration relevant person in charge of food department said problems this year milk is on October 18 ennui milk mishap branch by the production of 250 milliliter pure p57 hoodia milk box, this batch of milk has been destroyed. But he also stressed other inspection to milk is not fully represent no problem

What parts can liposuction?

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Obesity not only affects health, but also seriously affect the beauty of our body, liposuction is more and more beauty to provide a quick way to fruta planta pills lose weight.

Security through liposuction to lose weight without injury, wound only needle size. Liposuction site accurate, can automatically avoid muscle blood vessels, tendons, nerve tissue, operating in virtually no bleeding. Applicable to a wide range of areas where the accumulation of fat can be used ultrasonic liposuction, liposuction volume, liposuction speed. Without surgery, safe painless.fruta planta

The expansion of the use of advanced technology and high-tech equipment, anesthesia, surgical time is short, small incision, postoperative scars are small and subtle, quick recovery, generally do not need hospitalization, does not affect the light work, the effect is not lasting rebound. In weight, while you create the perfect curve!

In theory, any part of the body surface can suction the fat, but the most effective parts of the lamellar fatty parts, these parts are the most obvious effect after liposuction.fruta planta reduce weight

Such as: abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, upper arms, chest, face, neck and other parts. The purpose of liposuction is to create the physical beauty, rather than weight reduction. A liposuction should not be too much, more than 3000 ml should be hospitalized for observation, and the amount of fluid, a suction excess fat is not only unscientific, but also very dangerous.

Preoperative aspiration where they have to clear the fat; to health, the necessary checks; 50 years of age in particular should pay attention to whether there is hypertension, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, etc.; should be excluded, clotting disorders; surgery out 1-2 weeks before the anticoagulant; to avoid the menstrual period and so on. Wearing clothes immediately after stretch, stretch wear day and night should be the first month of service, two months after the night you can not wear.

meizitang and children once independent

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Had a big guests, live in senior white area, is a doctor, every time to have to buy thousands of pieces of the things. Once with New York’s mother to buy things. The boss see is big guest, can’t snub, personally reception, take them go upstairs and see if the valuables, good half-day just down, the boss meizitang botanical slimming soft gel couldn’t help yelled, “the old lady really picky, what see not up”. Downstairs, the old lady singled out three price for $50 cloisonne small box and an equivalent pink crystal small like, she took playing in the palm, fondle admiringly, for a while and said to buy like for a while, then said buy box, think again. My heart not whisper: since like, why not buy frank, what a miser. At this time, stood beside her son impatient, said to his mother: “you only have more than 50 pieces, can only buy, wait you back to New York, remit money to come over, the boss will help you send.” Oh, oh, oh, I blamed old woman, it is not her picky, miserly, but she really didn’t have the money. In the heart immediately of mixed emotions: no wonder Americans to “competitive”, “and female expectations no Chinese so high, the money the doctor, would rather see mother disappointment, also not the wish for mother do a little filial piety, pay a fraction. Is meizitang really poor heart all the parents, to create the son of a wealthy, but parents with a bit less than the light?

This is the reality of the United States, son can be a millionaire, but parents as poor, and Chinese “mother to son expensive”, “one word, a family into heaven” of Chinese traditional day sent to don’t.

Now, families, family idea strong Chinese came to the land, the Chinese traditional ideas and spent his virtue of hard to avoid is not the United States by the cultural impact, I wish life Chinese in the United States, meizitang botanical slimming can insist their fine tradition and virtue, let the Chinese culture exotic this one in the United States, the garden of the ethnic split open more bright-colored, the more brilliant.

Discussion differences between Chinese meizitang and western culture

According to Chinese overseas nets quoted the United States “sing Tao daily, Chinese strong family values, and kinship, family ethics, rooted in the brain, parents, children always family. Even if a family business, the other a portal, and parents still is not divided into each other, to support their parents, serve parents, as their responsibility.

Americans have a different, children a to adulthood, will leave the nest and fly, parents are no longer raising them; meizitang and children once independent, to the parents ‘ home, and no longer pay attention to, the more can’t support their parents or a few generations.

botanical slimming respiratory infections

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Fall, Braised lamb, meizitang botanical slimming, beef pot are men’s favorite. Vegetables are too many hotels in the oil, such as fried pumpkin turned into a pumpkin pie, not only oil is relatively high, it also contains a number sugar, so the men’s best to eat as much as possible at home, and eat plenty of vegetables, to light diet, avoiding botanical slimming
Woman eating beef and mutton point of iron supplement
Women used the summer to lose weight, eat vegetarian food and more throughout the summer, with little to eat pork, beef, mutton and other animal food, can easily result in iron deficiency anemia. In autumn, the spleen and stomach Deficiency of Yang and physical woman, “stick autumn fat” is to focus on the proper temperature of cattle and sheep to eat some lean meat, so as to enhance the yang, warm the stomach and cold, and helps to fill of iron.
In the diet, but also to follow the “colored blood” principle, appropriate to eat red foods such as dates, wolfberry, and carrots and so on. Listed a large number of fall fruit, botanical slimming eat the blood of the fruit, the best choice for warm, such as grapes, apples, etc.; melon, cantaloupe and other melons to eat.
Point Puer tea for the elderly
Some elderly people like to drink tea especially refreshing. Need to be reminded that these tea in the purging fire, but also easy to botanical slimming Because tea is fermented tea, taste more peaceful, properties are more modest, with stomach effect, there is a certain degree of lipid-lowering effect.
In addition, the elderly generally have increased activity in the fall, if you eat well, not only the lack of easy to fall, but also often sick. Recommended for the elderly to do their own rice pudding, put some in the porridge jujube, millet, red beans, mug beans, kidney beans, peanuts, long an, etc., help to improve immunity.
Children eat fast food more fish
Parents give their children “stick autumn fat”, Hamburg breakfast tries not to choose high-calorie foods, and this is not good for the child’s gastrointestinal. Parents can give their children some vegetables, salad or soy products, to ensure that nutritious breakfast, prevent a child from a low blood sugar, helps to enhance the child’s memory.
You can also do something to the children often eat fish. Fish can increase blood cholesterol, high-quality, useful children long body. botanical slimming The best steamed fish, so you can maximize the protection of its nutritional is not destroyed.
Autumn will eat seven vegetables
Each season has a more suitable compared to other seasonal vegetables to eat, what to eat vegetables, and then fall is the best?
Cauliflower: Cauliflower is rich in vitamin substances, per 200 grams of fresh broccoli for adult’s daily requirement of vitamin A more than 75%.
Chinese medicine known as “color white lung”, botanical slimming which is a respiratory infection disease of the fall-prone season, white cauliflower is undoubtedly a timely health vegetables.
Spinach: Spinach is a high nutritional value of vegetables. Carotene content of spinach is much higher than other vegetables, ascorbic acid, although less than the chili is higher than the tomatoes, spinach contains a haemostatic effect of vitamin K is the highest in leafy vegetables. There is a wealth of riboflavin to prevent mouth ulcers, dermatitis role.
Carrots: Carrots, sweet peace, eat spleen and stomach. Stewed carotene can keep 93% or more, fried carotene can also be maintained above 80%, while raw, cold, the body can only absorb 10% of carotene.
Sprouts: sprouts can prevent cancer in chlorophyll; botanical slimming the body can greatly reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, which help eliminate fatigue. Chinese medicine, bean sprouts, sweet and cool, there are detoxification, dampness and purgative effect.
Celery: Celery, cool, sweet Sims non-toxic, Liver and stomach, rich in protein, carotene, vitamin C, amino acids and so on. Celery can be excited about central nervous system, promote secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, and expectorant effects.
Chinese cabbage: cabbage, bitter, slightly cold, the stomach through the intestinal Lee. botanical slimming soft gel Cabbage contains vitamin C and calcium is many, but also phosphorus, iron, carotene, and vitamin B and so on. There is also a cabbage, that is, cabbage, eat it can benefit the kidneys, spleen and stomach.
Lettuce: Lettuce in potassium and help to promote urination, high blood pressure and heart disease of great benefit. In addition, people who fall love cough, cough eat lettuce can also be flat.

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p57 hoodia weight loss diet meal with apple easy weight loss and nutrition

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Apple diet work? That sounds fantastic, an apple can make you lose weight, but this is absolutely true. Apple introduced the following p57 hoodia diet meal recipes, easy to lose weight and nutrition.

Breakfast chapter

  1 apple Meal Ingredients: bread, a hamburger, apple 1 / 2, a frozen hamburger meat, lettuce and vegetables a, a teaspoon of salad oil. Ingredients: half a teaspoon of tomato sauce, salad dressing and a half teaspoon. Production Method: Wash and cut apple slices, soaked in salt water and drain, wash lettuce leaves alternate. Hamburg, grilled the hot, cooked hamburger meat, seasoning folder into the materials and can be eaten.

2, Apple Sushi Ingredients: white rice 3 / 4 bowl, ham 80 grams, a small cucumber 1 / 4, apple 1 / 3. Ingredients: one tablespoon of sushi vinegar, half a sheet of seaweed. Production methods: the apple, cucumber washed, cut into strips, salt soak, drain, cut into strips of ham back. Sushi rice vinegar mix, spread on the nori, add the material roll into a tube shape, hoodia p57 recommendation slices can be eaten.

Lunch chapter

  1, Apple Beef Ingredients: Apple 1 / 4, beef 70 grams, 50 grams peas, green segment, ginger, a teaspoon of salad oil. Seasoning: salt, sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, the right amount. Production Methods: apple slices, beef slices, respectively, with salt it. From the pan, into the scallion, ginger saute, then add beef and apple, stir-fry about two minutes, add seasoning stir fry about, when you pour some sesame oil to pot.

2, Chicken Apple Ingredients: chicken breast, 150 grams, apple half, a teaspoon of oil. Ingredients: tomato sauce, a tablespoon, teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of cornstarch. Production Method: Wash apples digging into a ball or cut into blocks, salt water soak and drain backup, chicken breast with salt added after the cornstarch and mix well into the water boiled, from the pan, add all the seasoning mix into the material material can be.

3, hot and sour apple wire materials: half a Fuji apple, green pepper 30 grams, 30 grams of sweet pepper, red pepper a little. Ingredients: white vinegar, sugar, salt and the amount. Production Method: Wash apples shredded, soaked in salt water, then rinse with cold water, drain to the water reserve; green pepper, sweet pepper, red pepper, washed and shredded after, p57 hoodia cactus slimming capsule and add apple sauce with wire mix well.

  4, Apple loin wire materials: apple half, fillet 70 grams, 20 grams parsley, a lemon, a teaspoon of olive oil. Seasoning: a little cornstarch, salt, 1 / 4 teaspoon. Production Method: Wash apples shredded, soaked with lemonade picked up spare; tenderloin Qiesihoujia cornstarch, salt and mix well with water hot rolling immediately after a shower with cold water and drain, then add olive oil and seasoning all materials mix well after.

Dinner articles

1, Apple loin roll package materials: Apple half, fillet two, seaweed, scallion.

Ingredients: two teaspoons of soy sauce, salt, sugar, a little.

Production Method: Wash apples cut into one centimeter strip, tenderloin fillet into thin slices add tasty seasoning salt. Seaweed cut into fillet size. Turn into the meat, apple bar, after scallion roll tight, cross into an apple with a bamboo stick, a rolls into the oven for 2-3 minutes can be.

2, red and green double mushroom material: red apple 1 / 3, 60 grams of broccoli, mushrooms 40 grams, 40 grams mushrooms, onions, a teaspoon of salad oil.

Marinade: salt 1 / 4 teaspoon, a little MSG. Seasoning: salt, 1 / 4 teaspoon pepper 1 / 4 teaspoon, half teaspoon of cornstarch.

Production methods: broccoli, mushroom, mushrooms, cut into small pieces, boiled after showers; Apple dug into a ball, or clean-cut block. Section from the pan stir-fried onion, ginger, then add all ingredients plus seasoning to the fire to stir well.

 botanical slimming soft gel Keywords: lose weight

2 day diet with a healthy breakfast

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Many women lose weight, but why not weight loss effect? In fact, the weight of the most important, is the breakfast! Many women thought that a diet to lose weight, skipping breakfast is the weight loss method, in fact, wrong! Want to improve your diet weight loss program, then breakfast, must eat. Next, 2 day diet will bring you breakfast week diet plan to lose weight.

First, soy meal

The soy meal diet to lose weight

Materials: milk

Fritters with soy milk and other staples are a good choice.

Approach: in fact, milk is very simple to do, buy a soybean milk, soy milk to soak the night before good morning to soybeans into soybean milk, only 15 minutes, like a bowl of hot milk, in addition to soybeans You can also add black beans, red beans, 2 day diet japan lingzhi nutrition and beauty.

Tips: The breakfast is the most Chinese characteristics, and the benefits of milk to drink more than women, can prevent gynecological diseases, milk is a plant protein, carbohydrate and protein foods have a rich nutrition.

Second, corn meal

The corn meal diet to lose weight

Ingredients: 2 teaspoons corn flour, milk, 1 spoon, 1 spoon of cereal

The breakfast of corn-based health and nutrition meal, corn soup practice convenient and simple.

Approach: the material can be brewed into tea with boiling water, if that is not full, you can cook the night before a fresh corn, microwave the next morning what with corn soup.

Tips: corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, is the share of coarse grains in the health, the promotion of human digestion is quite favorable. Corn is the staple thin, nutrient-rich, there is less easily absorbed by the body’s glycogen, 2day diet is conducive to weight loss.

Third, the fruit and vegetable meals

The fruit and vegetable diet weight loss meal

Ingredients: vegetable juice, egg sandwiches

Simple meal of fruits and vegetables for breakfast, you can meet one day vitamin needs.

Approach: using non-stick omelette (do not put cooking oil), then take two full Maiqie slices of bread, ham can be added according to personal taste, lettuce and fat salad dressing, seasonal fruit with fruit juice deployment.

Tips: orange carrot juice, apple juice, melon, kiwi juice, pure, pure cucumber juice are good choices, help rid their bodies of toxins, increase metabolism.

Fourth, the milk meal

Milk meal diet to lose weight

Materials: milk, soda crackers

The more Western-style breakfast with milk-based, the West did not forget to eat breakfast a cup of milk, milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D, etc., including human growth and development of all the necessary amino acids, digestibility up to 98%, other food can not match.

Practice: can the supermarket to buy milk cold, heating is also very convenient. Fresh milk, you need to boil for five minutes in order to ensure that the bacteria are killed. The correct sequence is to eat breakfast eat crackers, drink milk, drink milk, do not fasting.

Tips: the best choice for skim milk, skim milk, low heat.

Fifth, miso vegetable meal

Meal of miso vegetable diet to lose weight

Ingredients: vegetable tofu miso soup, two hand-rolled sushi.

The more Japanese-style breakfast, the Japanese body lighter than the thin, the very reason that their eating habits with a relationship in the morning drink soup a day, are full of spirit.

Approach: adding tofu vegetables boil, add Japanese-style miso sauce. Sushi consumption of raw materials are not pathogenic overnight, so the hand-rolled sushi in Japanese restaurants or supermarkets bought the day before, you can make yourself the night before.

Tips: This breakfast is a multi-fiber, low calorie, homemade miso soy sauce in Japan, botanical slimming soft gel rich in protein, low fat, suitable for long-term consumption.