referred to as 50mW green laser pointer gain medium

In addition to free-electron lasers, the basic working principle of the laser are the same, resulting in an indispensable condition for the laser population inversion and the gain is greater than the loss, so the devices are an essential part of the excitation (or pumping ) source, with a metastable energy level of the working medium in two parts. Excitation energy is working medium after the absorption of external excitation to the excited state, to achieve and maintain and create conditions for population inversion. Incentives have optical excitation, electrical stimulation, chemical and nuclear energy incentives and other incentives. Metastable level with a working medium is so dominated by stimulated emission, in order to achieve optical amplification. Common component of the laser cavity as well, but the cavity (see optical resonator) is not an integral part of the cavity photon cavity can have a consistent frequency, phase and direction of travel, so that the laser has good direction and coherence. Moreover, it can work very well shorten the length of the material, but also by changing the cavity length to adjust the laser-generated model (ie, selection mode), it is generally lasers have cavity. The process design of 200mW green Laser Pointer has been improved to a higher level.
Laser working substance is used to achieve population inversion and produce light amplification by stimulated emission of the material system, sometimes referred to as 50mW green laser pointer gain medium, which can be solid (crystal, glass), gas (atomic gas, plasma gas , molecular gas), such as semiconductors and liquid media. The main work of the laser material requirements, as far as possible in their work between the particles to achieve a particular level a greater degree of inversion, and that this role reversal in the entire process of laser maintained as efficiently as possible;The process of 100mW green laser pointer should be improved in design. Capable of firing laser devices. 1954 made the first microwave quantum amplifier, to obtain a high degree of coherence of the microwave beam. 1958 AL Xiao Luo and CH Townes quantum amplifier theory to promote the use of microwave to optical frequency range, TH Maiman, who in 1960 made the first ruby laser. A. 1961, JIA, who made a helium-neon laser. 1962 RN Hall, who created a gallium arsenide semiconductor lasers. Later on more and more types of lasers. Divided by the working medium, the laser can be divided into gas lasers, solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers and dye lasers 4 categories. Has recently developed a free-electron lasers, high-power lasers are usually pulsed output. The process design of green laser pointer is performing in the workshop.

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