meizitang and children once independent

Had a big guests, live in senior white area, is a doctor, every time to have to buy thousands of pieces of the things. Once with New York’s mother to buy things. The boss see is big guest, can’t snub, personally reception, take them go upstairs and see if the valuables, good half-day just down, the boss meizitang botanical slimming soft gel couldn’t help yelled, “the old lady really picky, what see not up”. Downstairs, the old lady singled out three price for $50 cloisonne small box and an equivalent pink crystal small like, she took playing in the palm, fondle admiringly, for a while and said to buy like for a while, then said buy box, think again. My heart not whisper: since like, why not buy frank, what a miser. At this time, stood beside her son impatient, said to his mother: “you only have more than 50 pieces, can only buy, wait you back to New York, remit money to come over, the boss will help you send.” Oh, oh, oh, I blamed old woman, it is not her picky, miserly, but she really didn’t have the money. In the heart immediately of mixed emotions: no wonder Americans to “competitive”, “and female expectations no Chinese so high, the money the doctor, would rather see mother disappointment, also not the wish for mother do a little filial piety, pay a fraction. Is meizitang really poor heart all the parents, to create the son of a wealthy, but parents with a bit less than the light?

This is the reality of the United States, son can be a millionaire, but parents as poor, and Chinese “mother to son expensive”, “one word, a family into heaven” of Chinese traditional day sent to don’t.

Now, families, family idea strong Chinese came to the land, the Chinese traditional ideas and spent his virtue of hard to avoid is not the United States by the cultural impact, I wish life Chinese in the United States, meizitang botanical slimming can insist their fine tradition and virtue, let the Chinese culture exotic this one in the United States, the garden of the ethnic split open more bright-colored, the more brilliant.

Discussion differences between Chinese meizitang and western culture

According to Chinese overseas nets quoted the United States “sing Tao daily, Chinese strong family values, and kinship, family ethics, rooted in the brain, parents, children always family. Even if a family business, the other a portal, and parents still is not divided into each other, to support their parents, serve parents, as their responsibility.

Americans have a different, children a to adulthood, will leave the nest and fly, parents are no longer raising them; meizitang and children once independent, to the parents ‘ home, and no longer pay attention to, the more can’t support their parents or a few generations.

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