fruta planta pills botanical slimming in cranberry dry

A cold weather, the mouth feel like eating, is everyone some experience! Advice should be at least once each doing break feed, completely clear out toxins and keep healthy.

Especially in the early winter or before Chinese New Year this time, using the body break feed improve, establishes the health foundation, nature is not easy to have the winter with get fat! Because intestinal of dirty thing all is absorbed, metabolism to come out, so break feed one fruta planta botanical slimming can usually thin 2 kg, the lower abdomen will not see!

Health for the winter point5: dry brush the whole body + citrus bubble bath

When the bubble bath before, in the hot water, the bathroom there are a lot of water vapor, room temperature rise, with natural mane or towel gourd collaterals, below the neck of systemic skin, heart direction to brush, until the body a little fever, red can. Then, the body washes clean, will the following parts of the chest dipped into the bath crock, bubble bath 10 minutes. Suggestions will lemon peel or fruta planta reduce weight botanical slimming orange peel into the hot water, with pure natural citrus oil bubble bath, are quite comfortable!!! Dry brush and bubble bath helps lymph drainage, promote the blood circulation, improve immune, and improve skin condition!

In addition to fungus, can try will join in the beaten red bean soup, black agarics boiled sweet is also very good!

3. Oats high calcium plant milk: the most suitable for when snacks, as long as is brewed in hot water can, very convenient, warm, fragrant odor of her, the most suitable for the winter. To avoid vascular acidification, maintain heal wall elasticity, avoid varicose veins, oat high calcium plant milk to have the help very much!

4. Their son porridge: amaranth son congee is best winter snacks, add some sugarcane molasses when cook or grapes molasses, and finally to stir fruta planta pills botanical slimming in cranberry dry, raisins, eat up sweet QQ, stomach and skin of is very good!

5. Puerarin ginger sugar: super suitable for the chilly winter, eat can warm body, practice is first the puerarin powder mix a little cold water, then is brewed in hot water, add honey or sugar ginger juice,. Can.

Health for the winter point4: enzymes that break feed clear bowel row and accommodation

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