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Fall, Braised lamb, meizitang botanical slimming, beef pot are men’s favorite. Vegetables are too many hotels in the oil, such as fried pumpkin turned into a pumpkin pie, not only oil is relatively high, it also contains a number sugar, so the men’s best to eat as much as possible at home, and eat plenty of vegetables, to light diet, avoiding botanical slimming
Woman eating beef and mutton point of iron supplement
Women used the summer to lose weight, eat vegetarian food and more throughout the summer, with little to eat pork, beef, mutton and other animal food, can easily result in iron deficiency anemia. In autumn, the spleen and stomach Deficiency of Yang and physical woman, “stick autumn fat” is to focus on the proper temperature of cattle and sheep to eat some lean meat, so as to enhance the yang, warm the stomach and cold, and helps to fill of iron.
In the diet, but also to follow the “colored blood” principle, appropriate to eat red foods such as dates, wolfberry, and carrots and so on. Listed a large number of fall fruit, botanical slimming eat the blood of the fruit, the best choice for warm, such as grapes, apples, etc.; melon, cantaloupe and other melons to eat.
Point Puer tea for the elderly
Some elderly people like to drink tea especially refreshing. Need to be reminded that these tea in the purging fire, but also easy to botanical slimming Because tea is fermented tea, taste more peaceful, properties are more modest, with stomach effect, there is a certain degree of lipid-lowering effect.
In addition, the elderly generally have increased activity in the fall, if you eat well, not only the lack of easy to fall, but also often sick. Recommended for the elderly to do their own rice pudding, put some in the porridge jujube, millet, red beans, mug beans, kidney beans, peanuts, long an, etc., help to improve immunity.
Children eat fast food more fish
Parents give their children “stick autumn fat”, Hamburg breakfast tries not to choose high-calorie foods, and this is not good for the child’s gastrointestinal. Parents can give their children some vegetables, salad or soy products, to ensure that nutritious breakfast, prevent a child from a low blood sugar, helps to enhance the child’s memory.
You can also do something to the children often eat fish. Fish can increase blood cholesterol, high-quality, useful children long body. botanical slimming The best steamed fish, so you can maximize the protection of its nutritional is not destroyed.
Autumn will eat seven vegetables
Each season has a more suitable compared to other seasonal vegetables to eat, what to eat vegetables, and then fall is the best?
Cauliflower: Cauliflower is rich in vitamin substances, per 200 grams of fresh broccoli for adult’s daily requirement of vitamin A more than 75%.
Chinese medicine known as “color white lung”, botanical slimming which is a respiratory infection disease of the fall-prone season, white cauliflower is undoubtedly a timely health vegetables.
Spinach: Spinach is a high nutritional value of vegetables. Carotene content of spinach is much higher than other vegetables, ascorbic acid, although less than the chili is higher than the tomatoes, spinach contains a haemostatic effect of vitamin K is the highest in leafy vegetables. There is a wealth of riboflavin to prevent mouth ulcers, dermatitis role.
Carrots: Carrots, sweet peace, eat spleen and stomach. Stewed carotene can keep 93% or more, fried carotene can also be maintained above 80%, while raw, cold, the body can only absorb 10% of carotene.
Sprouts: sprouts can prevent cancer in chlorophyll; botanical slimming the body can greatly reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, which help eliminate fatigue. Chinese medicine, bean sprouts, sweet and cool, there are detoxification, dampness and purgative effect.
Celery: Celery, cool, sweet Sims non-toxic, Liver and stomach, rich in protein, carotene, vitamin C, amino acids and so on. Celery can be excited about central nervous system, promote secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, and expectorant effects.
Chinese cabbage: cabbage, bitter, slightly cold, the stomach through the intestinal Lee. botanical slimming soft gel Cabbage contains vitamin C and calcium is many, but also phosphorus, iron, carotene, and vitamin B and so on. There is also a cabbage, that is, cabbage, eat it can benefit the kidneys, spleen and stomach.
Lettuce: Lettuce in potassium and help to promote urination, high blood pressure and heart disease of great benefit. In addition, people who fall love cough, cough eat lettuce can also be flat.

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